Ben Ten Pornography Story: The Pervert and The Crimson Head Chapter Two

Ben Ten Pornography Story: The Pervert and The Crimson Head Chapter Two

Okay, I DON’T want to get sued or anything… So the note’s gonna be on the bottom. PLEASE READ AFTER you read this chapter.

Disclaimer: Okay. I hate saying this, but I don’t own B-B-BEN 10! I also don’t own Beauty and the Beast or that machine from the movie. sigh I’m only doing this so I don’t get sued. .

Chapter 2:

Entering The Tennysons!

Three years later…

Bellwood. It’s a small town. There was really not much out here. Gwen sighed. That was the problem! She couldn’t take it anymore. This town was boring. Plain old bleak. Nothing happened besides the usual. EVERYTHING was predictable. When someone was going to say ‘bonjour’ or ‘goodbye’ to who was going to flirt with you. Gwen put her book down and stood up. Flipping her red hair to the side, she put a on a dark blue hood that went over her white and black dress she picked up a near by basket.

“I’m going to town!” Gwen called. Without waiting for an answer she left. Walking down a dirt path, Gwen started humming a small melody watching the birds fly by. It was pretty early, well to Ben at least who was still apparently still in bed, the sun was just rising. Just when she was entering the town, she heard a window slam open.

“Bonjour!” A voice on the other side of the window shouted.

“Bonjour.” Gwen called back slightly nodding. Gwen started mentally counting in her head. 5… 4… 3… 2… Another window slammed open.

“Bonjour!” And then another.

“Good day!” And another.

“How are you, madam?!” The whole town woke up. It still kinda scared Gwen how they all woke up at the same time.

“Gwen!” Someone called, Gwen looked to see it was the baker.

“Hello, Pier, how are you?” She asked.

“Fine, fine, where are you headed?” Pier replied back. Gwen lit up and she took her book out of the basket.

“The bookstore, you see I just read the most amazing book! You see it’s about a boy, a bean stalk, and an ogre-“

“Oh that’s nice” Pier replied, not really listening. “Leyla! The cookies!” Gwen just shook her head and put her book back then started walking back. Near by, a group of townsfolk, who were talking- boasting- about their families, when they saw Gwen walk by. That’s when the subject changed to her.

“She’s such a peculiar girl.” Nina said. “She’s a beauty, but she’s an odd one.” Tina nodded in agreement.

“That’s very true.” Tina sighed. “I think she could really fit in if she wanted too.” The others agreed but quickly changed the subject when they saw Gwen looking over at them with a raised brow.

Gwen rolled her eyes and turned away. House wives in this town, seriously? If they wanted to talk about her, Gwen didn’t really care. But they could at least talk about it when she can’t hear them. Walking down the street the town was bustling with life now. She head people greeting each other, and she was occasionally being greeted herself. After walking through the crowd she reached the bookstore. When entering it she head the usual bell.

“Gwen! Welcome back!” Mr. Potts welcomed warmly.

“Good morning, Mr. Potts, I’m here to return my book.” Gwen replied as she stepped on the ladder and put it back on the top shelf.

“Finished so soon? Usually it takes you a day or two longer.” Mr. Potts said. Gwen smiled warmly at him.

“I know! I couldn’t put it down! Have you gotten a new shipment yet?” She asked as she slide across the shelf on the ladder.

“Not since yesterday.” Mr. Potts chuckled.

“Okay,” Gwen started looking for a certain book. “I’ll burrow… This one!” She pulled out a blue leather covered book that said ‘Aladin’.

“That one! But you’ve already read it twice!” Mr. Potts commented. Gwen smiled sheepishly.

“Well, yes, but it’s my favourite! A far off place, a magic gene, and a princess in disguise-“

“If you like it that much, keep it!” Mr. Potts replied. Gwen goggled at him.

“Mr. Potts, I-I-I can’t except this!” Gwen stuttered. Mr. Potts just smiled at the young women, his favourite customer.

“No, go ahead! Why don’t we just say it’s a gift for being my most loyal customer?” Mr. Potts replied. Gwen smiled up at the old man.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you very much Mr. Potts!” Gwen said. Mr. Potts chuckled at her over reaction. Gwen gave Mr. Potts another thanks then walked out with her nose in her book. Her usual position when she left the book store. The others nearby talked about Gwen as she passed.

“She’s such a strange one…”

“…How peculiar, a woman who can read, the next thing you know they’ll want real jobs!” A man exclaimed.

“Hey, what’s that supposed to mean?” A woman asked glaring at the man who said that.

“She’s such a beauty, if only I could get her away from that book for one second…”

Gwen just rolled her eyes. Was she really that odd? Did she stand out that much? Gwen shook her head. It didn’t really matter, she then focused back on her book as she walked through the town avoiding every obstacles that came in her way. Just then a gun shot was head, but of course, Gwen just ignored it. Turning our attention away from the red head for just a moment, we turn it to where the gun shot was just heard.

As we turn our attention, we see a young blond man with bright blue eyes holding a smoking gun. As he blew the smoke from his gun away, a goose fell from the sky giving a dull thump as it landed.

“That was the best, Mike!” A young short boy cheered. He didn’t have a family, and his name was Michael, well it could have been something else but he changed it when he met Mike Morningstar. The blond who just killed the poor little goose. Mike just started standing in his traditional pose. One hand balled up and resting on his hip while his gun was holding the other, with his right foot on top of his recent kill.

“Of course it was, Michael!” Mike chuckled. He then got of his pry and tossed it at Michael.

“I can’t argue with that, Mike!” The boy said. Just then, Gwen passed by them.

“There’s the girl I’m going to marry!” Mike proclaimed. Michael raised his eye brow.

“The Inventor’s daughter? Mike, I don’t think she likes you…” Michael quietly replied. Mike glared down at him.

“Don’t I deserve the best?”

“Y-y-yes you do, but-” Michael spluttered.

“She’s the only one in this town that’s beautiful, well besides me.” Mike smiled into a near by pan looking at his reflection. Michael just kept his mouth shut, not wanting to say another dumb thing. After Mike fixed his hair, he went into the crowd following after Gwen. Michael just slung the goose over his shoulder and ran after him.

“Gwen!” Someone called. The said girl groaned in recognition of the voice. It just had to be Morningstar. Why? Gwen sighed and continued reading. She wasn’t going to stop reading because of him.

Mike was getting annoyed. He’s called his girl about twelve times, and she didn’t answer. Walking up to her he snatched the book that was in her hands and started flipping through the book.

“Why do you read this?” Mike asked. “A pretty girl like you shouldn’t be reading.” Gwen rolled her eyes and tried to grab her book back from him.

“Well, Mike,” She said his name with much dislike, but he didn’t seem to notice. “Some people like to read. And I’m one of them.”

“Well, you should pay attention to more important things.” Mike replied throwing the book casually over his shoulder. “Like me.” He then noticed that Gwen wasn’t in front of him anymore. He turned around to see her fishing her book out of a mud puddle. He walked over to her as she stood up, wiping her book with her hand kerchief.

“It’s not right for a woman to read, it’s unusual.” Mike said. Gwen rolled her eyes.

“Your fantastically superficial, Mike,” Gwen replied sarcastically.

“I am pretty super aren’t I?” Mike replied flexing his muscles, obviously missing the sarcasm. The local girls all sighed and swooned at the sight. “So, what do you say about coming back to the tavern to see my pelts?” Gwen’s face turned green. Pelts? That was just horrible. Gwen took in a deep breath.

“I’m sorry, Mike, maybe some other time. I really have to help my Grandpa,” Gwen answered. The local girls gasped.

“She’s crazy!” One of the local girls, Kai, whispered.

“What’s wrong with her?” Another, Anne, asked. Gwen mentally rolled her eyes at the local girls.

“You mean that old coot? He needs all the help he can get!” Michael teased. Instantaneously both Mike and Michael started laughing. Gwen slightly glared at them.

“Don’t talk about my Grandpa that way! His inventions are going to change the world!” Gwen promised. Just then, an explosion was heard. Gwen turned to see her house, with smoke coming out. Gwen ran toward her house while Michael and Mike kept on laughing.

(Author: Your lucky I don’t feel like being mean today. XD I would’ve end it right here.)

“Grandpa! Ben! Are you okay? I saw the smoke!” Gwen slightly coughed putting her hand over her mouth.

“Yeah, Gwen. We’re fine.” A young man replied. He had brown hair and green eyes- just like Gwen’s own pair of jade orbs to the exact shade- and wore dark blue pants and a black shirt with a green jacket over it. Did you wonder who Ben was? Gwen’s cousin, well twin cousin, since they were born on the same day and hour or so- give or take- near each other. “I accidentally knocked some chemical in the fire. No worries.”

“So, how was town Gwen?” Max asked under a huge machine. It was metallic and bulky.

“Fine, I got a new book.” Gwen sighed putting her basket down. Ben raised an eyebrow at his cousin.

“Okay, what’s Wong?” He asked. Gwen looked over at him.

“Nothings wrong. Why’d you ask?” Ben rolled his eyes.

“It’s obvious when your upset.”

“Okay, okay, I overhead some gossip…” Gwen sighed.

“And?” Ben prompted handing Max a wench.

“…Do you think I’m odd?” Gwen questioned.

“Well, duh,” Ben replied. “That was obvious.” Gwen glared at her cousin.

“Ben.” Max warned coming out from under the machine. His gaze fell instantly on Gwen. “Gwen who would call you odd?” Gwen sighed a little annoyed at her grandpa. He didn’t really tend to listen much while he was inventing.

“Just some gossiping woman in the village.” Gwen answered. Max sighed.

“Don’t listen to them. They look for anything to gossip about.” Max assured. Gwen smiled, but then frowned.

“Yeah, but I still don’t get along with anyone here. I don’t fit in, Grandpa. There’s no one I can really talk to.” Gwen commented sitting on a near by chair.

“What about your cousin?” Max asked.

“Grandpa, family doesn’t count,” Gwen answered.

“Then what about that Mike kid?” Max questioned. Ben and Gwen both shot each other looks.

“Grandpa, that guy’s just annoying,” Ben said.

“Ben’s right, and Mike’s also rude, obnoxious and-” Gwen plopped down on the chair putting her balled up fist againt her face. “He’s not really friend.”

“He doesn’t really have ‘friends’.” Ben muttered quietly. Gwen slightly glared at Ben who just raised his hands as if saying ‘What? Are you saying I’m wrong?’. Gwen sighed and just shook her head.

“Anyway,” Gwen started. “How’s the machine working out?”

“Fine, I guess,” Max sighed. “It just needs to work.” Giving a last twist on a bult Max slid out from under the machine. “I think I have it this time.” Standing up he walked out of the room.

“The famous words…” Ben murmured. Gwen elbowed him in the gut, and Ben yelped in pain shooting his cousin a glare while rubbing his stomach. Max walked back with a bundle of logs in his arms. He raised an eyebrow, “Do I want to know what’s going on?” Gwen just smiled sheepishly and shook her head.

“Ben’s just acting like a dweeb again.” Ben just glared at his cousin. Max sighed at his grandchildrens’ childish actions. Then a ghost of a smile appeared on his face as he filled the machine up with logs, ignoring the silent fight his grand kids were having behind him. He was slightly glad that they fought, it reminded him of when the were younger.

The whole reason they were here was that their parents wanted them out on there own, but not without parental supervision. So, their best choice was obviously, Max. He knew them well and would watch over them. So far, they’ve been living together for about a year- give or take. Even though Ben and Gwen fought (a lot) they cared for each other like they were brother and sister instead of cousins. They even fought like brother and sister!

“You are such a, dweeb,” Gwen teased. Ben rolled his eyes.

“At least I don’t read ALL the time. What book are you reading now? The history of rocks?” Ben jeered. Gwen glared up at the comment. Yes, unfortunately for Gwen, he was a foot- or two, but she wasn’t going to admit that anytime soon- taller than her. She missed their adolescent years when she was taller than him.

“You know what Ben? I should-“

“Gwen, Ben, stop fighting,” Max cut in. Ben and Gwen opened their moths to defend themselves when Max cut in again. “I don’t care who started what, you both should try to act your age.”

“Yes, Grandpa.” Both cousins grumbled. Max sighed. This was one of the things that would never change. And Max was slightly glad that it wouldn’t.

“Dweeb,” Ben muttered toward his cousin. He smirked, she looked angry, but wouldn’t say anything. She just punched him in the gut, not expecting this Ben cried out in shock, not really all to hurt, just shocked. Max sighed and shock his head, but then again…

“I’m testing the machine out.” Max said as he pressed one of its colorful buttons. It stuttered then made a low toot sound. Ben sighed a little aggravated while Max just sighed sadly.

“Stupid piece of junk,” Ben muttered kicking the machine lightly. The machine made another tooting sound that then turned into a low grumbling purr. Then, it started shooting out logs that were cut in half. They hit the wall with a loud ‘kerplunk’ noise then fell on the floor with a soft thump.

“Ben! You actually helped! It works!” Gwen exclaimed making sure she was staying out of the logs path. Watching it hit the wall, Gwen was glad that the walls were made of metal.

“It works!” Ben shouted in elation, oblivious to Gwen’s insult. Max just watched his machine as it kept shooting logs.

“It works,” he whispered, Max then broke into a huge smile. “It works! It’s time to go to the fair!” Max shouted as he ran out of the room.

“Bye Grandpa!” Gwen waved as Max drove off on his horse, with the machine covered in a tarp in a connecting wagon.

“Good look at the fair!” Ben shouted as Max went toward the woods. Max turned around and waved at Gwen and Ben.

“Bye kids! Keep safe!” He shouted. Max kept on waving until he was out of sight. What they didn’t know, was that this was the start of the whole adventure that was about to start.

Authoress’ note:

So, what do you think? I hope I’m not loosing my touch or anything well, we just saw a little of what’s going on with Max, Gwen, and Ben! Even though it’s not mentioned in this chapter, Ben feels like an outsider too. He’s also bored, so he stays at home with Max and helps him invent. Also, Gwen feels like an outsider, obviously. Like she’s just looking in.

I also introduced dimstar!! He’s fantastically vain right? If he is, then yay! By the way Ben, Gwen, and Julie are 18 give or take while Kevin is 19, he just turned 19 on the day that all of chapter two was happening. So it explains his mood in the next chapter. Yes! He and Julie will be in the next chapter! The story’s going to follow the original Disney plot, than it’s going to change into my own little la-la land plot!

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