Ben 10 Pornography Story: Summer Enthusiasm 4, Battle at the Carnival

Ben 10 Pornography Story: Summer Enthusiasm 4, Battle at the Carnival

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Gwen stood there, starring at Ben, who was heading off into the crowd with ANOTHER GIRL! He was holding her hand, and a minute ago she had KISSED HIM! Gwen stood there, tears streaming from her eyes, Ben, her Ben, the same Ben who had been her lover for the whole summer and had told her he had loved her, was interested in another girl. What about this morning! What about all that has happened this summer! Gwen thought in out rage and despair. He said he loved me! He told me that I was the only girl for him! He even promised to find me and spend the night at the carnival with me! We were going to ditch Grandpa and go on an actual date! OUR FIRST DATE WITHOUT GRANDPA OR ANYONE ELSE WHO KNOWS US! And he doesn’t even look for me. All, all he did was find some girl and head off with her!

Gwen stood there, crying softly, feeling helpless as the boy, no, the man she had come to love headed off into the crowd with another woman. But as she stood there, she eventually stopped crying and dried her eyes, breathing heavily,her despair slowly fading away, giving way to burning rage. Gwen took a deep breath and slowly strode after Ben. Hell hath no furry like that of a woman scorned! Gwen thought to her self. She was going to show everyone just how true that was..


Else where


Ben was really enjoying himself. He and Kaila walked in between the booths and the rides, joking laughing and talking. At first Ben had been acward around her, unsure what to talk about. But Kaila seemed perfectly happy to talk about herself and her life. Ben listened intently as she talked about herself, telling him she was on vacation with her father, and when they had pulled into town a week ago, they had decided to stay for the carnival. As she talked about her childhood, Ben listened, trying to learn more about her. He still couldn’t figure out why she captivated him. Every time he tried to think about what exactly was so interesting about her, his mind seemed to go blank and he had a hard time focusing. Oh well, that’s not important. You like her, leave it at that, a voice said in his head, and he nodded in agreement.

“BEN!” Kaila said loudly, causing him to look around in alarm. “What? Is something wrong?” He looked around again quickly, seeing nothing wrong. “No silly.” Kaila said with a laugh. “I was trying to ask what that weird device on your wrist does?” Ben looked down at the omnitrix and paused, wondering how to explain it. As he stood there, trying to come up with an excuse, he thought about what she had said. Wait, did she say device? How did she know it wasn’t a watch? He wondered. Then a voice in his head said. It doesn’t matter, it’s not important.

“Um, it’s a gift from my Grandpa.” Ben said, going with the first thing that came to mind. “He’s, uh, kind of senile, so he when he saw this, he thought it was a watch and gave it to me for a present.” Kaila laughed and said. “ Ouch. So if he is so senile, how come you parent let him drive you across the country?” Ben stopped and looked at her. “Uh, how did you know that? I didn’t tell you that.” Did I? Ben wondered. Yes you did. The voice said. Kaila laughed and said quickly. “ You told me earlier. Remember? You told me that you were driving across the country with your Grandpa cause you did it before.” Did I really tell her all that? Ben asked himself. You must have. The voice chimed in. How else could she have known? “Your right.” He said. “Sorry, I guess I wasn’t paying attention.” As he turned away, he didn’t notice Kaila sigh in relief.

“Hey, Ben. Follow me, I want to show you something.” Kaila said, her hand resting on her necklace. Suddenly Ben felt like following her was a good idea, so he nodded his head and walked after her following her as she headed off through the crowd. As she lead him through the crowd, he was focused on only her, everything didn’t matter.

Soon they arrived at the edge of the carnival, and standing in the distance was a huge tent, the kind used by the circus. Kaila walked into it and Ben followed her inside. It was dark inside and Ben could hardly see in front of him, but for some reason he knew exactly where Kaila was, and so he followed. But as they entered it, the two were unaware of the fact that they were being followed. Kaila strode into the center of the tent, clapped her hand and the lights through out the tent turned on. Ben looked around curious about what they were going to do. He finally asked what he was thinking. “ Hey Kaila, what did you want to show me.”

“Oh, nothing Ben. It’s not what I want to show you. It’s what I am going to do to you.” Ben turned back and looked at her, confused. Her voice then, it sounded different. Cold, cruel. I know I’ve heard that voice before. When Ben turned around, he starred at Kaila intently, and something inside his mind clicked. That necklace, looks strangly familiar, and I know I’ve heard that voice before. As he starred at the necklace, he suddenly realized why it looked so familiar. That looks like the medalions Hex used. And as he realized this, he looked at Kaila again, as he looked at her, he felt himself grow lightheaded, but he continued to stare at her, forcing his mind to see her, to truly see her for the first time.

As he starred at her, her appearance changed. Her hair lengthened and turned white, her skin became paler and her eyes changed color, becoming bright red. Her outfit changed as well, her clothes turning pants turning black, and her shirt becoming a red cloak that covered her whole body. As her appearance transformed, Ben realized he had been under a spell of some sort. She bewitched me. He thought. No wonder I was so attracted to her. That aslo explains how she knew so much about me, knew that the omnitrix wasn’t a watch and how Grandpa had already taken me and Gwen across the country for the summer. And no wonder she sounded familiar. She looks JUST like Charmcaster.

“Who are you? Are you related to Charmcaster?” Ben asked, though he already knew the answer. Kaila, If that really is her name, Ben thought, smiled at him. But now he saw that her smile was cold and cruel, without any of the warmth it had held before. “Yes, I’m her sister. My real name is Kalva, it means Cursed One!” She finished with another cold smile. Ben stared at her, suddenly nervous. If Charmcaster is her sister, and Hex is her Uncle, odds are she is powerful magician just like them. Not only that, she has a magical amulet like Hex did, so it probably contains powerful magic as well.

“ So, what do you want? Revenge? Want take revenge on me for imprisoning your sister and uncle?” When Ben said this, he had expected her to get angry or yell at him. But instead she threw her head back and laughed, her laughter cruel and hard, devoid of any warmth or amusement. Ben began to sweat. He didn’t know why, but something about this girl unnerved him.

Kaila, no, KALVA, looked at him again and shook her head. “I couldn’t care less about those pathetic fools. My uncle Hex was powerful indeed, but he let a couple of brats and you old geezer of a grandfather to defeat him. As for my sister, she was a disgrace to the family. At least Hex had actual powers and powerful artifacts, not to mention a vast knowledge of spell and enchantments. But she was weak and inexperienced that she had to relie on a her bag full of cheap parlor tricks. I should be thanking you for getting them out my way. With them gone, I was able to develop my powers to their full extent, and am now more powerful than both of them combined!” With this she threw her head back and laughed again, Ben felt his body shiver and begin to sweat..

This girls insane he thought. “So if you hated them so much, why come after me? Why not just send me a post card saying thanks and leave it at that?” Ben said it casually, but he really hoped that this would be that simple. Kalva stopped laughing and looked at him again, her eyes glowing red with madness and hate. “Because you defeated them both. So if I kill you, all will know that I am more powerful than either of them, that I am more powerful than any of the hundreds of enemies you have defeated over the years. Everyone will know that I AM UNSTOPABLE!” She screamed the last part and pointed her hand at Ben. Her hand glowed, red energy surrounded her hand, and Ben dove to the side as a red and black bolt on energy shot at him.

As he got up and dusted himself off, he looked to where the blast had hit and paled. There was a smoking crated where he had been standing. If I get hit by one of those, I’m a goner. “ Alright, fine.” Ben said to himself. “If that’s how she want’s to do it, I”ll be happy to play along.” He reached for the omnitrix and quickly sifted through his aliens, finally selecting Diamondhead. “ It’s hero time!” He yelled with a gin and hit the omnitrix.

It took only a few seconds to transform, but it always seemed to take longer to Ben. He could feel his body slowly change, his body turning into crystals, his his bones and organs disappearing until he felt like on large slab of crystal. He rose to his feet and shook his now much larger body, and yelled DIAMONDHEAD at the top of his lunges. As he starred through his new alien eyes, he expanded his senses, adjusting to his new body in a few seconds. He looked down at Kavla, who starred back at him. “Alright girl, I’m only going to say this once. I beat both your uncle and your sister, and I can beat you. Stop this now and walk away, or someones going to get hurt. And by someone, I mean you.” Ben paused as he finished speaking, waiting for her response.

Kalva paled slightly and starred at him intently, sizing him up. HA! She’s not so confident now. I bet she’s going to walk away any second now. But just as Ben thought this Kalva suddenly screamed “NEVER!” and threw out both her hands, energy blasts flying from her hands and raining down on Ben, who didn’t even move. The blasts slammed into his chest, forcing him back slightly, but causing no damage.

What do you know. I almost felt that.” Ben said with a laugh. “Hey, do that again, it tickles.” His comment was meant to intimidate Kalva, but it only infuriated her. She raised her hands again and they began glowing darker, the red light infusing with darker energy. This can’t be good. Ben though, and with that he charged forward, running as fast as he could, firing crytsal shards at Kalva as he ran. The young girl laughed and threw up a shield in front of her, the crystal shards disappearing on contact. As soon as the shield was gone, Kalva began hurling attack after attack at Ben, blasting away at him with a ferocity that both impressed and frightened him. He dove to his side and rolled away from the attacks, firing off razor sharp shards at Kalva, hoping to catch her off her guard. The young girl only threw up another shield with one hand and continued to blast away at him with her other hand. Ben dove to the ground again, but as he came up a blast hit him in the chest, knocking him off his feet.

Ben climbed to his feet and dusted himself off. DAMN IT! Her attacks are getting stronger. And her shield will stop anything I throw at her. Unless, of COURSE!

Ben stood and faced Kalva, pausing. THERE! He raised both his hands and took careful aim, and roared as he fired a massive barrage of shards of every size from every part of his body. Kalva snarled and swore as she cast up shields all around her. Ben kept firing non-stop, hitting her with everything he had. Kalva was hard pressed to block them all, throwing up shields all around her as crystal shards rained down on her like hail. Finally, Ben stopped as suddenly as he had began. Kalva lowered her shields and laughed and said. “I told you, I’m more powerful than either of my relatives. Your pitiful attacks won’t work on me.”

Ben on smiled and shook his head. “ And I’ve told YOU, I’ve faced hundreds of enemies before you. And I learned two things long ago. The first is if I’m out matched, cheat.” He finished with a grin a pointed at something behind her. Kalva laughed in scorn. “Do you actually think I would fall for that old trick?” Ben shook his head. “ Nope.” He said in all honesty, which caused her to stop laughing. “The second thing I learned is two against one is better odds. Right love?” As Kalva wondered who or what he was talking about, she heard a voice behind her. “ Right Ben.” Kalva whipped around just in time to see Gwen cast a spell. A giant blast of wind slammed into Kalva and hurled her all the way across the tent and as she sailed through the air and into the stone wall surrounding the ring. As she fell to the ground Ben walked over to Gwen and turned back to normal. “High Gwen.” He said happily.

Before he could react, Gwen punched him as hard as she could in the gut. Ben fell to the ground gasping for air. “What was that for,” He gasped. Gwen glared at him. “For letting that girl kiss you.” Ben turned red. Before he could say anything, Gwen silenced him with a glare. “We’ll talk later. First lets deal with phyco bitch over there.” A she finished speaking, she nodded at Kalva who was getting back up. “Yea, we’ll talk later.” Ben said, wondering if he was more afraid of the up coming battle, or what came after it.

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